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Among those that artists that will particate are 18 -22 year olds (soldier aged artists), veterans of the VietNam War who are visual artists, Philadelphia based artists, and artists based outside of Philadelphia. The form and my vision of the show is actually intended to resemble a demonstration and the artists contributing a piece will be similar to showing up to march. The work will range from small drawings to sound and media art. All kinds of strategies will be used that will reflect upon the original Operation Rapid American Withdrawal; techniques of resistance, movement through landscape, symbolic props, comradery and bigotry, introspection and community conversation, remembrance of the dead and soap box speechmaking, celebrity and nostalgia. The show will draw its power from our personal re-imagination of the past.

I will include two of my artworks on Operation RAW, a free standing 3 ft, by 6ft, by 40ft long piece, and a large painting for the wall as you leave the gallery. Jack Ofield, the producer of the film, will show Different Sons as a projection loop. Ofield will be a participant.